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Scams & Warnings
Had one dodgy episode at Nova Zagora. Was dropped there by a Turkish truck driver after I arrived from Romania over the Danube ferry and was walking with full backpack along a quiet main street to the bus station when five gypsy kids started running after me with stones - two swarthy guys in a red Merc with blacked out windows also followed me for a while. Took refuge from the kids in a shop, but they waited outside for me. The shop owner took me under his wing and made sure I got a bus out of town safely - after having dinner with his mother and girlfriend at a trendy restaurant (two extremes in one day).
Colman Higgins (Aug 01)

Be very careful with thieves on the streets, as they have a very smooth way to rob you. They say 'Change money.' Yes, it is money exchange, but you are most likely to exchange yours for obsolete, worthless currency. Take a credit card and use the automated cash dispensers!
Max Haase, Sweden (Sept 00)