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Sofia: The new National Museum in Boyana can be reached on the number twenty one minibus, which leaves you right at the gate. In the city centre, it crosses the bottom of ul. Graf Ignatiev. There is also a trolleybus (I think route 2) and ordinary bus route which stop a few hundred yards away, but then you have to cross a dual carriageway and walk through a clump of trees to the car park. The building itself looks very 70s retro (I liked it as much as the exhibits) it's quite impressive and spacious inside, although there seemed to be very few people around (and the car park was empty). If asking directions, remember there is another museum in Boyana, which is just a small collection of icons in a church - often people will direct you to this instead, so make sure you ask for 'National Museum'.
Colman Higgins (Aug 01)

Varna is a big city which offers summer music festivals, nightlife, and beaches. There are lots of new private hotels in Varna and along the coast, north of Varna, which means that the old communist era hotels can be avoided. One of the best ways to get reasonable and pleasant accommodation is to go to the main tourist bureau in Golden Sands where people come to tout their villas.

Renting a car in Bulgaria is no longer as expensive; more competition drives the prices of economy size cars to where they need to be. Produce in the summer is excellent. Food in general is great - mostly Bulgarian cooking, which is similar to Turkish and Greek cuisine. There are some Arab, Indian, Chinese and Greek restaurants in major cities.

Melnik is a small town in the very south-western corner of Bulgaria - 10 km from the border crossing with Greece. The town is built between some very unique rock formations. It was an old Greek merchant town and is famous for its very tasty red wine. Melnik has Byzantine ruins, wineries, beautiful architecture, very few tourist, goats, and is the smallest town in Bulgaria. Also, 10 km from Melnik is the Rozhen Monastery which offers a beautiful view.
Seta, USA (Apr 00)