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Religion and Holidays
The traditional religion in Bulgaria is the Eastern Orthodox creed. The conversion to Christianity took place in 864 and the foundations of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church were laid down at the Constantinople Council in 870. In the time of the Ottoman rule the Bulgarian Patriarchate passed under the jurisdiction of the Constantinople Patriarchate. The struggle for independent church took effect in 1870 when it was re-established as Bulgarian Exarchate and since 1953 - as Bulgarian Patriarchate.
National Holiday: 3 March - Day of Liberation of Ottoman rule. On that day in 1878 the peace treaty of San Stefano between Russia and the Ottoman Empire was signed which restored the Bulgarian state.
Official Holidays:
- 1 January - New Year's Day; Resurrection of Christ (Easter);
- 1 May - Labour Day;
- 24 May - Day of the founders of the Slavonic alphabet St. Cyril and St. Methodius, Day of the Bulgarian enlightenment and culture;
- 25 December - Christmas Day.