Mr. Maxim Behar (middle) with Prime Minister Simeon
Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (right) and Deputy PM and Minister
of Economy Nikolay Vassilev (back) at a recent conference
Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum

Member of:
International Public Relations
Association World Association of Newspapers
International Advertising Association
Founder and Former Managing Editor of Standart Daily
More then 15 years in journalism and communications
  Mr. Behar has a long history of experience in the communications industry, one endeavor being the founding of M3 Communications Group, Inc. in 1994. He received a bachelor's degree in Engineering Economics and then an Advanced degree in International Economic Relations from the Prague Economics University in 1983. Following completion of his studies he continued to serve as a journalist, a career he began in 1981, throughout Prague and Poland until 1991. During this time Mr. Behar had the opportunity to interview many key international figures, including prime ministers, company directors and presidents. In 1992, using his previous journalistic experience, he co-founded the "Standard Daily" where he was the Managing Editor, First Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Advertising Director. He remained with the "Standard Daily" until 1995, but also started
M3 Communications Group, Inc. in 1994.
  Mr. Behar has been instrumental in the creation of two journalism and advertising associations for Bulgaria and the EU, demonstrating his commitment to the profession and awareness of the important part they play in business today. In 1995, keeping with his love of journalism, he founded the National Association of Journalists for the EU, of which he has serves as Vice-President 1998 - 1999 and then was elected president serving as such during the years 1999 - 2000. In 1996 he was the founder and first president of the Bulgarian Association of Advertising Agencies and Professionals. Along with founding these associations, he also served as Executive Director and Deputy Chairman of the Board for the Bulgarian Investment Forum. 1999 saw him continue his education, graduating from the Full Corporate Program of Japanese Style of Management, AOTS, Yokohama Kenshu Center, Japan.  
  In 1999 Mr. Behar was elected Board member of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum and in May 2001 was elected Chairman of the Forum, which is associated with the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum and gathers at present more than 60 local and international companies.  
  Among his many career highlights, one of his most prestigious was Press and Public Relations Director in 1998 during US First Lady, Hillary Clinton's visit to Bulgaria. Mr. Behar has done PR work and other presentations for a myriad of international and local clients. Some of the accounts that he has served as chief PR consultant for include: Amoco Petroleum, Toyota, Microsoft, Nokia, Cisco, Samsung, John Deere, Castrol, Packard Bell and Solvay Chemicals.  
  Mr. Behar can comfortably converse in eight different languages. He is fluent in Bulgarian, English, Czech, Polish and Russian. He can work and read in Slovak and Serbo Croatian and is a beginner in Spanish.  
  Mr. Behar is married, his wife Mila is an advertising manager, having two children: son Michael and daughter Ralitsa. His hobby are all types of hand held computers and everything connected with modern communications.