President-elect Georgi Parvanov's greeting

Dear participants,

I would like to express my satisfaction with the fact that the first business forum in Bulgaria for this year is devoted to tourism. This event was organised with the decisive assistance of Mr. Bob Miller, former Governor of Nevada and a friend of Bulgaria for many years. I am particularly flattered by the greetings addressed to me by the firmer US President Bill Clinton. I would like to stress my conviction that the cooperation of our American partners for the reforms in Bulgaria will continue in the future as well.

The Republic of Bulgaria chose the road of market economy and building of a democratic society. This process is irreversible and probably it is precisely the tourist industry that is the most eloquent proof of this. The privatisation process in this sector has almost been completed, and the investment process has not been interrupted. What is more, it can be claimed that there is consensus in Bulgaria on the priority character of this sector for the Bulgarian economy. There are already also serious premises for attaining even higher successes: the government policy on tourism is nearly finalised and new legislation on tourism is forthcoming.
Before wishing success to the Conference, I would like to reiterate my resolute commitment to the development of the tourist industry in Bulgaria.
Good luck and may we meet again in the land of dreams - the Republic of Bulgaria!

Sofia, 10 January 2002

To the participants in the International Conference
Bulgaria - Dream Area