Special video message by the former President of the USA, Bill Clinton

It is great to be back in Bulgaria again, even if only by video.

I wanna extend my greetings to President Stoyanov, President-elect Parvanov, Prime Minister Saxe-Coburg Gotha and all the distinguished guests at your conference.

I love Bulgaria. It is a rich, beautiful, vibrant country, home to some of humanity's oldest and most important history.

I remember so well my visit to Bulgaria in November of 1999. Your country's opportunities for tourists are many and wonderful. They are certain to grow in the years ahead.

My good friend, Governor Bob Miller, never tires of telling me about his latest trip to Bulgaria. He is your biggest booster. And I know that the more people who come and visit, the more boosters you will have; not only here, in America, in Europe but throughout the world.
So I salute you for coming together in this meaningful conference. It is a unique forum in which everyone can learn something, both from the expertise of the experts and from those around the world who just are interested in Bulgaria.

Now let me say to all of you - I wish I could be there.

I am looking forward to coming back. You have my best wishes for a very successful meeting.

And even more - for a very successful future.