14 - 15 November 2002, Hilton Sofia

Investment, Experience, Education

Dear friends

An idea that germinated a few years ago has become reality. It has all the earmarks of becoming the most successful tourism event in Bulgaria's rich history. We sincerely believe that Bulgaria has an enourmous future in tourism, that mustbe nurtured, developed and put on the right course. Investment, experience and education - these are the three words we are using to assist the new Bulgarian government and the country's tourism industry to advance tourism to its proper economic standing. These words will dominate the upcoming First International Conference on Tourism in Bulgaria.

Investment - Bulgaria is in need of international publicity to tell its story and to attract investors from abroad to experience its culture, attractions, and wonderful people. Its scenic beauty, ancient culture, well-educated and friendly people all make Bulgaria a splendid site fortourism investment. The new government under the leadership of Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg has given new life and priority to tourism development.All these combine to make Bulgaria rich with opportunity.

Experience - Bulgarians need to learn from experts representing global destinations that have proven themselves successful in tourism development and promotion. The state of Nevada, USA, has become the leading destination for tourism in the United States.Not only Las Vegas, but also many smaller communities have reaped economic benefit in that state from the use of practical, proven marketing techniques. Additionally,leading experts in water-based tourism and marketing to Latin speaking nations will be present to share their experiences and build new relationships.

Education - Bulgaria is wealthy in education - its population is one of the best educated in the world. That is why you, the conference delegate, be you from a tourism business, the government, the media or other company interestedin tourism must join with the organizers to create the vision for Bulgaria's tourism future. Tourism employees in Bulgaria are in need of educational resources as well - this will become the mainframe for Bulgaria's future generationof tourism professionals. And last, but not least -Welcome to Hilton Hotel Sofia, January 9 - 11, 2002. Talk to us, meet some of the leading tourism decision makers in the world, share your opinion, make new business contacts, make friends and enlarge your business.

Bob Miller
Nevada Governor
1989 - 1999
Maxim Behar
Chief Executive
M3 Communications Group, Inc.
Thomas Tait
Nevada Minister of Tourism
1989 - 2001